Progressives are turning on Jeremiah Wright. Not because they disagree with him, but because it’s now clear that he’s hurting their golden boy’s presidential prospects. Ain’t politics great?

Addendum: Anyone who didn’t know what “throwing someone under the bus” means now knows what it means, for what Barack Obama just did to Wright perfectly exemplifies it.

Addendum 2: I’m not merely being cynical when I say that progressives don’t disagree with Wright. I have reason to believe it. Follow along: If the editorial board of the New York Times really disagreed with him, as it says it does, it would have published this editorial opinion the day after the video of Wright appeared on YouTube. What accounts for the delay? My theory is that the board came to see how much the video is hurting Obama.

Addendum 3: Notice the sly attempt by the editorial board to blame conservatives (including John McCain) for the harm Wright is doing to Obama. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Some harm is self-imposed, and this is an instance of it. The mere fact that conservatives benefit from Obama’s Wright problem doesn’t mean they’re responsible for it.

Addendum 4: Just for old time’s sake, watch this. It gives you a real good feeling about Obama, doesn’t it? Please don’t say that it’s Obama, rather than Wright, who is running for president. That Obama would have anything to do with this vile cretin speaks volumes about him.

Addendum 5: Here is Michelle Malkin’s blog post, which incorporates her latest column.