Everyone knows, deep in his or her gut, that it’s wrong to take a person’s race or skin color into account in distributing benefits and burdens. It’s wrong if it’s a white person doing the distributing; it’s wrong if it’s a black person doing the distributing. It’s wrong if the motive for the distribution is malevolence; it’s wrong if the motive for the distribution is benevolence. So why do we allow universities to do it? The answer is that universities are run (for the most part) by white elites who feel guilty for being white, or by blacks who have a vested interest in promoting white guilt. To alleviate their guilt, these elites give preferences to blacks. I’m sorry, but I’m not guilty. I’m not a slave owner; I’m not a descendant of a slave owner; I’ve never discriminated against anyone on the basis of race or skin color; I’m not a racist. The purpose of a university is to promote academic excellence. It is not to punish or reward people on the basis of their race or skin color. It is not to rectify wrongs. It is not to redistribute wealth. It is not to engineer society to make it conform to someone’s vision. It’s heartening to see that ordinary citizens are beginning to take back their universities from the arrogant, misguided, guilt-ridden elites who run them. See here.