Here is a review of the latest book by Richard A. Posner, who, while serving as a federal appellate judge, finds time to write scholarly books and articles at a faster rate than most professors. I have long since given up hope of reading as fast as Posner writes. It wouldn’t be so bad if his work were slipshod. I could then chalk it up to logorrhea.¬†But it’s the opposite of slipshod: It’s well-researched, carefully reasoned, and beautifully written. I hate you, Judge Posner. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. You make those of us who fancy ourselves scholars look bad.

Addendum: I expect one day to discover that “Richard A. Posner” is not the name of a human being, as everyone thought, but the¬†imprint of a publishing house consisting of experts in every known academic discipline, plus a few that have yet to be invented.