The Texas Aggies and Texas Longhorns football coaches were at a convention. As they sat sipping drinks in the lounge, the Longhorns coach remarked that his quarterback’s intelligence left something to be desired. “I’ll bet mine is dumber,” the Aggies coach said. So they placed a bet. The quarterbacks were in attendance, so the Longhorns coach called his quarterback over. “Son, here’s a dollar; go buy me a Cadillac.” The quarterback took the bill and scampered off. “See?” said the Longhorns coach. “That’s nothing; watch this,” replied the Aggies coach. Calling his quarterback over, he said, “Son, go up to my room and see whether I’m there.” “Sure thing, coach,” said the young man as he trotted off. Moments later, the quarterbacks run into each other. “Man, you won’t believe how stupid my coach is,” said the Longhorns quarterback. “He gave me a dollar and told me to buy him a Cadillac.” “That’s nothing,” said the Aggies quarterback; “my coach just told me to go to his room to see whether he’s there—and there was a telephone right beside him!”