During the Middle Ages, one could be burned at the stake not just for defending atheism, but for producing weak proofs of the existence of God. Before all is said and done, Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) will be burned at the stake by his fellow atheists (figuratively speaking) for producing weak proofs of the nonexistence of God. Kevin Stroup drew my attention to a new book (by Oxford professor Alister E. McGrath) entitled The Dawkins Delusion? Thanks, Kevin! I shall order it forthwith.

Addendum: Here is information about McGrath (from his website). Dawkins has been trading on his association with Oxford University for many years. McGrath has a D.Phil. degree in natural science and a Doctorate of Divinity degree—both from Oxford. Both men teach at Oxford. I’m not suggesting that we should evaluate the arguments of these men on the basis of their credentials. We should not. I’m suggesting that it would be inconsistent to consider Dawkins, but not McGrath, an expert, for their credentials are the same. If anything, McGrath has an edge on Dawkins, since he has studied both science and theology. McGrath has also been an atheist. Has Dawkins been a theist?