If you want to match wits with me, the greatest basketball prognosticator of all time, here’s what to do. Save this PDF file to your computer; then print it. Choose one #1 seed, one #2 seed, and so forth. You will have 16 teams. There are six rounds of the tournament. (The first round cuts the field from 64 to 32 teams; the second round cuts the field from 32 to 16 teams; and so forth.) You get one point for a victory in the first round, two points for a victory in the second round, and so forth. Whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament on 2 April has bragging rights for the next year. I will post my picks as an addendum to this post in a day or so.

Addendum: Here are my picks:

1. Florida
2. Georgetown
3. Texas A&M
4. Texas
5. Virginia Tech
6. Duke
8. Arizona
9. Michigan State
10. Gonzaga
11. Winthrop
12. Arkansas
13. Albany
14. Oral Roberts
15. Weber State
16. Eastern Kentucky

The first game is Thursday, so get your picks in soon!

Addendum 2: It’s 5:57 P.M. on Tuesday, 13 March. I predict that Florida (seeded first in the Midwest) will beat Duke (seeded sixth in the West) in one semifinal game and that Ohio State (seeded first in the South) will beat Texas (seeded fourth in the East) in the other semifinal game. It will be a repeat of the NCAA football championship this past January. Unfortunately for fans of Ohio State, Florida wins again.