Read this. Why should we care at all about equality of income or wealth? What matters is not how big the gap is between those who have the most and those who have the least, but whether those with the least have enough to provide for their needs. In other words, we should care about welfare, not equality. Note that the reporter did not mention who pays the bulk of taxes in this country. I wonder why he omitted that. Oh wait, I know. It would complicate the progressive storyline of wealthy people bad, poor people good. See here for data about who pays what.

Addendum: I hope I didn’t leave the impression that equality is unimportant. It’s very important, but we must understand it properly. The sort of equality that’s important, in a free society, is equality of opportunity. Progressives want equality of outcomes. To get it, they are willing to sacrifice liberty and other goods.

Addendum 2: Read this. Notice how the interviewee, an economist, conflates equality and welfare. Near the end of the interview, the economist provides an utterly lame and laughable justification for concern with equality. He says, among other things,┬áthat inequality is “divisive.” I’m inclined to think that what’s divisive is emphasizing, ad nauseam, the “gap” between rich and poor.