Here are my basketball predictions from 11 March. As you can see, I predicted that Florida would beat Ohio State in the title game. That could still happen. But let me make a fresh set of predictions, based on actual matchups and in light of what has occurred thus far in the tournament. I think Georgetown will beat Ohio State handily. The Hoyas are thoroughly energized by their overtime victory over North Carolina. I also think that UCLA will beat Florida. It will be East versus West in the title game Monday night, with West winning. By the way, Monday evening is going to be insanely busy. I will have to watch both 24 (damn you, Will) and the basketball game starting at eight o’clock. At nine, when 24 ends, I will have to flip back and forth between the basketball game and the season opener for my adopted Texas Rangers. By ten o’clock, baseball will have my undivided attention. Life begins anew with each baseball season.