The depth, breadth, and intensity of Bush hatred is astonishing. I well remember the Clinton years, and while there were a few people who hated him and lied about him, it was nothing compared to the legions who hate and lie about President Bush. Charles Krauthammer coined the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome” a few years ago to describe the malady. It’s actually broader than that. Anyone who has helped President Bush, or who works for him, or who advises him, or supports him, is vilified. Democrats have been trying to bring down Karl Rove—Bush’s so-called brain—for years, to no avail. They just know, without the slightest evidence, that he has engaged in unscrupulous behavior, perhaps even criminal behavior. This column by Fred Barnes summarizes the latest despicable attempts to “get” Rove. If I were Rove, I wouldn’t take it personally. He’s a brilliant political tactician, and Democrats know it. If he were on their side, they would worship him. Because he’s not, they revile and attack him.

Addendum: Please don’t write to say that Bill Clinton was hated as much as President Bush is. That’s risible. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. I liked him. I read the newspapers, watched televised political programs, and talked to people. There is no comparison between how these two presidents were treated. I don’t recall any attack pieces on President Clinton in The New York Times, for instance. Do you? Compare the present situation. At least one op-ed columnist per day—Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd—writes scurrilous, hateful things about President Bush. The animosity is palpable. Many of the news “reports” are little more than anti-Bush propaganda. It’s disgraceful.