This column by advocacy “journalist” Linda Greenhouse made me roar with laughter. One of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s apologists (law professor Pam Karlan) said that Justice Ginsburg is upset whenever her colleagues disguise their political judgments as law. What’s funny about this is that no member of the Court has done more to turn law into politics than Justice Ginsburg. She is result-oriented. And don’t you love the part near the end of the story about how Justice Ginsburg has based some of her rulings on personal grievances? I quote:

Professor Liu said that when he read the dissent on Tuesday, it occurred to him that in recounting the workplace travails of the plaintiff, Lilly M. Ledbetter, Justice Ginsburg was also telling a version of her own story. “Here she is, the one woman of a nine-member body, describing the get-along imperative and the desire not to make waves felt by the one woman among 16 men,” Professor Liu said. “It’s as if after 15 years on the court, she’s finally voicing some complaints of her own.”

What in the world do her personal travails have to do with anything? That’s not law; it’s lawlessness.