As some of you know, I’ve had a running “debate” (mainly in the comments section of this blog) with George Jochnowitz about homosexual “marriage.” George thinks any two adults (why just two?) should be allowed to marry. I think marriage should be limited to heterosexual couples. George asks why. I say it’s because marriage is about children. George replies that (1) not all heterosexual couples have children and (2) some homosexual couples have children. He thinks that, to be consistent, I must limit marriage to those couples, whether heterosexual or homosexual, who have children. I think George is wrong about this, and I’ve explained why ad nauseam, but suppose he’s right. It doesn’t follow that homosexual couples who don’t have children should be allowed to marry, and that’s the vast majority of them. In other words, the most he can get me to admit is that (1) some heterosexual couples—the ones without children—should not be allowed to marry and (2) some homosexual couples—the ones with children—should be allowed to marry.

Addendum: I have a nice graphic to illustrate my points, but it’s on a post-it note. If someone would make a two-by-two box diagram for me in an uploadable format, I’d appreciate it. On the left, it should read (from top to bottom) “heterosexual” and “homosexual.” On the top, it should read (from left to right) “children” and “no children.” The four boxes have numerals in them: “1” in the heterosexual/children box, “2” in the heterosexual/no children box, “3” in the homosexual/children box, and “4” in the homosexual/no children box. If someone sends such a graphic to me, I will post it as an addendum and restate my claims in terms of the numerals. Thanks in advance.

Addendum 2: Canadian Libertarian (a.k.a. Robert S. Porter) made the following box diagram for me (click to enlarge):


Let me restate things in terms of the diagram. My claim is that only those in boxes 1 and 2 should be allowed to marry. This is the traditional view of marriage. George asks why I would so limit it. I reply that marriage is about children. George replies that if this is the case, then I should limit marriage to those in boxes 1 and 3 rather than to those in boxes 1 and 2. In other words, I should deny marriage to those in box 2 and extend it to those in box 3. Note that nothing I have said in my exchange with George commits me to allowing those in box 4 to marry. George wants people in any of the four boxes to be allowed to marry. I have a question for George. Should polygamy be allowed? If not, why not? You’ve said that dogs can’t benefit from marriage, but three or more adults can.