I paid off my 2007 Honda Accord SE V-6 in three months. Today, I received a check from Honda for $1.50. It says “Loan Overpayment.” Has anyone received a smaller check than that? It confronts me with a dilemma. I would have to drive about six miles (round trip) to deposit the check in my bank. Is it worth it?

Addendum: Here is the color (Moroccan Red Pearl) I chose. (When you click the link, click the reddish color.) Which color do you like best? Truth be told, I don’t much care what color my car is. Henry Ford would have loved me. When I bought my 1989 Pontiac Grand Am, the salesman asked me what color I wanted. I told him it didn’t matter. He was flabbergasted. I took the car that was closest to where I was standing. I’m serious.