According to this news report (sent to me by an alert reader), a bishop of the Church of England says that summer flooding is attributable to God’s wrath about “pro-gay” legislation. Would it be¬†impertinent of me to ask some questions? First, why would God punish people who have nothing to do with the legislation and not punish those who do? In other words, why the scattershot approach to punishment? Isn’t that unjust, and isn’t God supposed to be just? Second, why would God choose flooding as the means of punishment for “pro-gay” legislation? Why not, say, impotence? Third, how does the bishop know what God wills? It’s one thing to say that, for all we know, the flooding is God’s punishment; but to claim that we know this? Come on. Fourth, well, you get the idea. I respect religion, but this sort of claptrap makes it difficult for me.