I had a good month (August) afoot and abike. I ran 15 times (3.1 miles at a time) and did three bike rallies, including the Hotter ’n Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls. That’s 18 aerobic activities in 31 days. Running in the Texas heat and humidity is awful, but it must be done. The footracing season begins Monday (Labor Day). As the weather cools, I find that my speed increases. If I didn’t run during the summer, I’d never win any trophies or medals in the fall (although maybe I would by winter). During the past year, I ran 151 times for a total of 501.72 miles. That’s an average of 3.32 miles per run. I had a couple of unfortunate injuries during the fall of 2006 that kept me from racing more than a handful of times. I bruised the top of one of my feet, which made it painful to walk, much less run, and then I had a strange pain in the muscle near my right hip. Both injuries healed, with time. I hope they don’t recur. When you add the 25 bike rallies I do each year to the 151 runs, you get 176 aerobic activities in 365 days, which is about one activity every other day. Many athletes work much harder than this, but I find that my exercise regimen meshes nicely with the other things I do. Neglecting one’s body is just as bad as, if not worse than, neglecting one’s mind. Both need vigorous, regular exercise.