Here is a paragraph from the sports section of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“The bottom line, his [Manager Ron Washington’s] consistent message, along with that of the coaching staff, has paid off, and I think we’re starting to see the fruits of those labors,” Daniels said. “The first two months are what they are, and we dug ourselves too deep a hole to where we’re not playing for something meaningful at this point. But . . . I feel confident that we’re headed in the right direction.”

I count five metaphors:

1. “Bottom line.” This is an accounting metaphor.
2. “Paid off.” This is a gambling metaphor.
3. “Fruits of those labors.”
4. “Dug ourselves too deep a hole.”
5. “Headed in the right direction.”

Jon Daniels, who is being quoted by reporter Dave Sessions, is the general manager of the Texas Rangers. Do you suppose he majored in English while at Cornell University?