I complain about things when they don’t work as advertised, so it’s only fair that I praise the manufacturers of things that work. I’ve been using a Polar CS100 heart-rate monitor for several months. I’ve had no trouble with it. Yes, I pushed the wrong button a few times and lost valuable data, but that’s my fault. I need to pay more attention to which button I push when stopping and starting. This unit can be used on a bicycle or while running or walking. Obviously, it doesn’t provide distance data unless you’re on a bike, but it does serve as a stopwatch, a heart-rate monitor, and a calorie counter while running or walking. (The calorie count is based on [1] average heart rate, [2] sex, [3] age, [4] height, and [5] weight.) The unit is wireless, so all you do is hook it to the stem or handlebar of your bike, tie a sensor to the front fork, and screw a little gizmo to a spoke on the front wheel. Remember: The more calories you burn, the more you get to ingest! I love watching the calories tick off as I ride.