I have decided to dedicate the remaining years of my life to a cause: that of inspiring people to use their turn signals. It’s appalling how many people switch lanes without signalling their intent to do so. For the record, the purpose of turn signals is to let those around you know of your plans. This will help them adjust their own plans. For example, if you plan to move into my lane at 70 miles per hour, I will plan to (1) move over, (2) reduce my speed, or (3) increase my speed. See how it works? It’s really quite an ingenious system, when you think about it.

Maybe it’s no longer cool to use turn signals. If this is the reason so few people use them, then the solution may be to Make It Cool, and how better to do that than to come up with catchy slogans, which could be placed along highways? I thought of a few on the way home from Waco this afternoon:

I blink; therefore I am.

He who fails to blink is lost.

Blink now or forever hold your peace.

A nonblinker and his life are soon parted.

A blink in time saves nine.

Where’s the blink? (Apologies to Wendy’s and Walter Mondale.)

Blink unto others as you would have them blink unto you.

Feel free to add others.