I have just posted the first of the three essays on free-will. The link here is to the main blog, and the paper is actually in Bill’s Big Stuff. It is nine pages long in Word at 10-point type. It took a bit longer to get it posted than I planned, I had two major gaps to be filled. The second paper needs to be created from my notes that worked out most of the ideas this fall. It will be a while before it is ready. The third paper is probably as far along as the first was a few weeks ago. I think it is rather funny that I managed to skip the middle where the guts of the ideas need to be developed. Rather like the cartoon of a professor at the chalk board doing a major calculation, and in the middle is says, “then a miracle happens.”

I would be interested in any comments you might have on the post. I sure there are deficiencies and if you see them I would appreciate knowing about them. My guess is this might be at the level of an upper-division term paper, but I have to start somewhere.

Have a very happy and successful New Year,

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