I had a safe, successful, and enjoyable 2007 as far as running and bicycling go. I ran 160 days for a total of 527.33 miles. That’s an average of 3.29 miles per run. The shortest run of the year was 3.1 miles; the longest was 8.21 miles. (I ran two races back to back on 1 December: a two-miler and a 10K. I counted it as one race.) I rode my bike 25 times (all in rallies), for a total of 1,583.6 miles. That’s an average of 63.3 miles per ride. The shortest ride was 40.6 miles; the longest was 102.7 miles. All told, I engaged in 185 aerobic activities in 365 days, which is about one activity every other day. Think of it this way: Every two weeks, I ran six times and rode my bike once. I hope you had as good a year athletically as I did. If not, there’s always 2008!