I watched the entire Republican debate this evening and enjoyed every second of it. The more I see John McCain, the more I detest him. He’s a vicious backstabber, no different from the Clintons. He’ll do whatever it takes to get elected, including lie about his opponents. I don’t think Americans want that, but I could be wrong. McCain is a militarist. Readers of this blog know that, while I supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I called for a withdrawal of American troops¬†shortly thereafter.¬†We have no business rebuilding nations. I’ve heard all the arguments about stabilizing the Middle East and not allowing Iraq to become a haven for terrorists. The whole world is a haven for terrorists. Are we supposed to police the world? We need to withdraw from the world and secure our borders. If someone attacks us, we retaliate. Let the people of the Middle East kill each other, if that’s what they want to do. I suppose this puts me in Ron Paul’s camp. So be it. Mitt Romney would make a good president. I think he’s surprised by McCain’s ruthlessness and finds it hard to respond in kind. He may be too nice to be a politician. Mike Huckabee is a terrific speaker. He appears to be able to think on his feet, which is a rare skill in American politics. He’s also funny. It’s hard to dislike him, but that doesn’t mean I want him as my president. All in all, it was an entertaining evening. I hope you enjoyed it. Time to prepare for tomorrow’s lectures.

Addendum: Michelle Malkin live-blogged the debate. I had not read her post when I wrote mine. In fact, I’m only now going to read it, now that I’ve linked to it.