Thursday, 11 January 2007


Here is Ann Coulter’s latest column. She has an uncanny ability to get under progressives’ skin.

On the Ground

Michelle Malkin is in Iraq. See here.

Affirmative Action

The University of Michigan has decided to obey the law. University officials will seek diversity in other ways than through preferences for individuals who happen to have a particular skin color or sex. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if officials preferred academic excellence?

Addendum: It occurred to me after posting this that college campuses have become little socialist utopias, replete with indoctrination. The progressives who run the campuses know that they’ll never be able to create a society-wide socialist utopia, and that frustrates them, so they do the next best thing. Their aim is to send little indoctrinated socialists out into the world. What we need are more colleges and universities that are devoted to the disinterested pursuit of truth.


Isn’t it about time for Democrats to get serious about Iraq? See here.

Best of the Web Today


From Today’s New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “A Failed Revolution” (column, Dec. 29):

I am flattered that Paul Krugman took time to read my book “The Freedom Revolution,” but I am not surprised that he continues to fantasize about a big government that works when it is run by enlightened liberals like him.

Mr. Krugman seems to believe that there are benevolent politicians and bureaucrats who are smarter than the rest of us. These noble servants, uninfluenced by their own interests, can take care of our problems, from education, to health care, to retirement security.

The Republican Revolution argued that government does not know better. Government programs often fail because of pretensions of better knowledge and good intentions. We suggested giving more control back to individuals, and voters agreed. We reformed welfare, cut spending and balanced the budget.

Eventually, the revolution ended because many Republicans let their own parochial interests, not good policy, govern their behavior.

I was an early critic of mistakes that produced the Republican rout last November. But Republican failings do not spell the end for small government and personal freedom. Support for individual liberty is alive and well with the American people.

Make Social Security and Medicare voluntary, and they will show you.

Dick Armey
Washington, Jan. 2, 2007
The writer, the former House majority leader, is chairman of Freedom Works.

Justin Shubow on Justice

Justice is most satisfying when it is properly poetic.

(Justin Shubow, “Blind Justice,” review of An Eye for an Eye [sic], by William Ian Miller, First Things [December 2006]: 53-5, at 54)

Richard Allen Posner

Judge Richard A. Posner is 68 years old today. He is a genius. See here for an entertaining (and enlightening) profile. Here is his latest book.

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