Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Goose Gossage was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Jim Rice fell short.

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From Today’s New York Times

To the Editor:

Reading William Kristol’s Jan. 7 column, “President Mike Huckabee?,” one would come away thinking that President Bush was an outstanding president and that America is enthusiastic to continue his course, with Mr. Huckabee at the helm. In reality, Bush policies and the conservative agenda—from abortion, Iraq and judicial appointments—are widely opposed. Most voters want the next president to undo Mr. Bush’s legacy, not extend it.

Mr. Huckabee may be Mr. Kristol’s “likable regular guy,” but America has matured. Eight years ago, we elected a president on likeability, and we got one who misguided the nation into war and debt. President Bush’s opposition to the “nanny state” gave New Orleans an abysmal response to Katrina.

America learned the hard way from Mr. Bush. America now wants a progressive president who will face the serious challenges to our nation instead of being ideologically fixated on religion, guns and gays.

Joel S. Peskoff
Baldwin, N.Y., Jan. 7, 2008

Note from KBJ: I love the manipulative rhetoric. “Religion, guns and gays” could just as easily be spun as “faith, security, and family.” Let’s play a game. Come up with three things on which progressives are “ideologically fixated.”

Sophie (1992-2008)

Things took a turn for the worse for my beloved Sophie this morning, so I had her put to sleep. She was 15 years old. I was with her almost every day of her life. If I’m not my usual self for the next few days, you will know why.

Addendum: I’m grateful for the condolences. It’s been a hard day. Sophie was the first dog I had as an adult. When I brought her home from Red Oak, Texas, on 24 January 1993, she was a fat, boisterous two-month-old pup.  I told her that I would always take care of her, and I did. She took care of me as well, especially when we lost Ginger in 2000. I miss you, Sophie. Shelbie is taking good care of me.


Nobody took me up on my offer to make bowl predictions. Here are the results of my predictions.

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